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Last year we covered many beauty shows and events around London, only recently we have started to network across New York to promote and share top beauty products, following our favourite beauty bloggers!

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We are in love with HUDA BEAUTY!

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The 10 Best Beauty Instagrams of the Week: Kendall Jenner Raises the Bar on Wash-and-Go Hair


We’re halfway through June, and if our Instagram is any indication, bikini season has officially arrived. Emily Ratajkowski offered us a heavy dose of workout inspiration by way of an in-the-sea snap at Turks and Caicos, her aspirational body and the cerulean waters upstaged only by her frayed and exaggerated sun hat.Xiao Wen Ju paused for a desert nap at a luxurious, rock-strewn Utah resort, whileWillow Smith embodied relaxation during her beach-time excursion, rocking her now-signature combination of septum ring, baby dreadlocks, and glow-y, flawless skin. 

Windblown manes and statement sunglasses found fans in Nadja Bender and Lily Donaldson, each of whom elevated summertime beauty to funky but wearable heights by way of a few well-placed accessories: a bandana for Bender, a seriously embellished sweater and colored lenses for Donaldson. Josephine Skriver celebrated the season with an escape to San Francisco, where she hopped on a cable car to show off her mussed-yet-glossy twin buns, and Joan Smalls traded hernewly debuted chop for a set of super-polished cornrows, paired with elongated lashes and a matte brick lip for extra allure. 

For those looking to find the glamour in mundane, everyday activities, we recommend looking to Kendall Jenner: Photographer Mert Alas shared a snap of the model seemingly post-shower, and her clean skin, naked face, and dampened raven lengths read more fresh than even the most artfully executed above-the-neck look. Seems like all you need to Keep Up this summer is a simple wash-and-go. 

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10 best under-eye concealers



Good under-eye concealer should brighten, smooth and cover – so shop for the new breed of eye-specific cover-ups which aim to achieve all three goals. A word of caution when making your choice: “Go for a shade lighter than your foundation, and always apply your face base first, concealer second,” says Lisa Potter-Dixon, Benefit’s head make-up and trend artist. “Apply the concealer in a V shape, starting from the inner corner of the eye, down to the tops of cheeks across to the outer corner. Then blend the V upwards to the lash line.” Her top tip? “Less is more – because, while you don’t want to see shadows or fine lines, you never want to see product, either”

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10 Best Instagram “Healthies”

Think healthies not selfies, as Calgary Avansino recommends 10 of the most inspiring Instagram accounts.

I’m addicted to Instagram – it’s fun, beautiful and inspirational. Such a great way to share healthy recipe ideas, exercise tips and encouraging quotes. You can never follow too many wellness warriors so I’m sharing some of my favorite “healthies”. I hope you’ll find them as motivating as I do. Happy posting!

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50 Best Beauty Brands to Follow on Social Media

It’s safe to say that we’re always obsessing over beauty, whether we’re buying products, talking about them or testing them out. Regardless of how many of our favorite brands we might have spilling out of our closets, sometimes we get stuck. We’re out of inspiration and we don’t know where to look. Well, that’s where social media can come in, with interactive sites like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook at your fingertips to give you access to not only someone at the brand, but also people just like you (fans of the brand!) to find out which products to use for what, and much, much more.

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Setting the scene for a Spring/Summer of stunning scent, TOM FORD offers this exclusive preview of the latest addition to the Neroli Portofino family – Neroli Portofino Forte. A bold take on the core of the iconic Neroli Portofino scent, coastal Italian woods and smooth leather are added to heighten the depth and opulence of this new classic-in-the-making.

“The Neroli Portofino scent which is one of the most popular scents in the private blend collection, has a crisp and effervescent quality that is entirely present in every element of these products” – Tom Ford.

Capturing the beauty and emotions of the dramatic landscape of Portofino combined with the jet-set nuance of its guests, Neroli Portofino Forte presents an opening of lush citrus with bergamot and blood orange infused with lavender, adding basil for freshness. At its centre, bitter orange tree and orange flower absolute reveal the heart of the landscape, unraveling to reveal rich undertones of coastal wood, oakmoss with luxurious suede. 

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