Restaurant Marketing

Restaurant Marketing



We love food! … and most of all we love helping restaurants gain huge exposure.

So how do we do it?

  • Same as our Social Media Management – we will take the time to know your restaurant, employees and target audience
  • Our photographers will come to your restaurant and take some beautiful pictures of the food, venue, location and employees working hard
  • We bank all our images and update your social platforms daily
  • Write optimised content weekly and upload onto site blog
  • Send optimised content to relating publications and basically tell everyone how tasty your menu is!
  • Create monthly promotions and adverts to push traffic and popularity
  • Respond promptly to negative reviews and set things right 🙂
  • Monitor online traffic and report to you where your customers are coming from
  • Help organise events and special nights for great exposure and business

We will always be honest with our clients, we love working with everyone and we believe in your business, however, if your menu isn’t tasty we will tell you!

One of our clients! Bianco 43

Bianco43 Restaurant

Bianco43 is London’s finest authentic Italian pizzeria restaurant, specialising in stonebaked pizzas and Italian cuisine food… Great Team and Great Food!

We manage their social platforms, photograph their delicious food and restaurant monthly and respond to customer reviews.

Check out their Instagram and Twitter 🙂

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bianco 5

tweet 1

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tweet 3

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Restaurant PR

Restaurant Advertising Facts

Restaurant Website Exposure

With information about restaurants becoming more available online, a 2009 comScore Media Metrix Key Measures report revealed that children and youth visited the websites of two well-known pizza restaurants more than 38 other restaurants listed on the study. A June 2009 to March 2010 study by the same company found that while surfing the Internet, consumers are exposed the most to banner advertisements from three popular fast food restaurants. The most popular banner ad produced approximately 30,309 unique visitors to the restaurant’s website.

Social Media Influence

In an effort to establish a relationship with consumers and further their advertisements, restaurants have social networking accounts. This method of advertisement allows restaurants to directly contact loyal customers and reach prospective ones with news about new products and discounts. A 2010 comScore Media Metrix Key Measures report found that a popular franchised coffee shop had the highest social media exposure with the most “friends,” online video uploads and “followers.”

Restaurant Advertising Food Tricks

When creating restaurant advertisements, food photographers and videographers use unusual tools to make products appear appetizing. For example, restaurants use a blowtorch to give poultry skin a golden appearance and hamburgers a right-off-the-grill look. With the help of paintbrushes, seafood and vegetables receive a coat of glycerin to give them a fresh look for an advertisement. In addition, when a pancake restaurant prepares an advertisement, pancakes receive a coat of spray fabric protector to prevent the motor oil used to look like maple syrup from soaking into them.

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